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Anyone bought anything from this armorer? I admit, i really like his kopis, but he claims they were made from a laminated steel, any truth to this? I hope to begin acquiring a panoply soon, and i want it to be as authentic as possible.
I own many Dioskouri products. I built much of my spolas from items acquired there, such as bronze scales, sheet bronze for chase work, leopard skin, a razor-sharp dory and a most excellent kopis which is patterned exactly after the one in the British National Museum. Dioskouri is so extremely rabid when it comes to accuracy and authenticity, I have started referring to them as the Greek nazis! Great amounts of research, time and money have been invested in acquiring ancient artifacts, as well as careful scrutiny to reproduce them as accurately as possible. The Greeks did use, albeit not in every case, a form of pattern welding, or metal folding to produce an early form of Damascus for their sword blades. I have seen magnified images, clearly showing a de-lamination of layers (due to corrosion and age) on an artifact blade which dates from the Persian War Period. To sum it all up in a nut shell, I haven't found (anywhere on Earth) another armorer with a truer love of all things Greek and more desire to put it in the public's hands than Dioskouri. "You can't get better than real" is their motto, and the products more than bear them out! If you would like to see more of what I am describing, go to: - or - (and visit the "Goat's Pen").

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