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List of Groups
Looking through this it seems to be a bit old.  However does anyone know of a group in Sicily?  Recently moved here and will be here for a couple of years would like to be a bit more serious in the Roman reenacting.

Numerus Brittonum
A Group based at the Kastell in Welzheim (Germany)

We always looking for newcomers, so feel free to join you Germans!
Group has around 30 people at this date of posting.

location: Lyon (Lugdunum), France
link to website:
relevant contact details: [email protected]
Miscellaneous information: Group created in 1999. Dedicated to the Roman legion V Alaudae, between 50 and 30 BC, and between 10 and 20 AD. We also study and reconstruct the shows of the amphitheater and the life of gladiators at the beginning of the Empire. We have also recreated a section of an Etruscan or Roman phalanx around 500 BC.
Salvete omnes

I am Tiberius Horatius Barbatus, and the scriba praetorium cismississippiana for the Res Publica Nova Romana ( I reside in the regio of South Carolina in what is now Provincia Cismississippiana. I am of the Gens Horatia and the Tribus Poblilia, of assiduus status, from the plebeian order and a member of the ordo equester.  I have served with Legion III Cyrenaica as an immunes, as the adiutore cornicularium.

At one time there were several legios in the provincia, which now includes TN, NC, SC, MS, AL, GA, and FL. Unfortunately, most of the units have disbanded. The Praetix (governor) of the Provincia and I are looking for any active legios in the area to discuss becoming sponsored in Nova Roma. 

I look forward to discussion here with the members of the Forum.

Di vos incolumes custodiant!

Ti. Horatius Barbatus, eq.NR
Scriba Praetorium Cismississippiana
Res Publica Nova Romana

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