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List of Groups - Matt Lukes - 10-23-2009

Salvete omnes!

Although they exist on various groups' sites now, often long lists of extant groups are incomplete, have old information, etc. and it seems to me that with so many reenactors and groups represented here on RAT, it would be useful for us to maintain a current list of Roman reenactor groups our members are associated with or know of- to help any new folks find other crazy people to play with :mrgreen:

If you all wouldn't mind posting your group's:

website link (if you have one)
relevant contact info (for maybe one member here?)
- and anything else you think would be useful in a short list

I'll assemble them and create a permanent thread here.

Re: List of Groups - Neuraleanus - 10-23-2009

Legio XXX, cohort III
Fort Wayne, IN USA
[email protected]
our Yahoo group:

Late 1st century/early 2nd

Re: List of Groups - Matt Lukes - 10-23-2009

Ah yes, time period would also be really useful- thanks Lee.

Re: List of Groups - jvrjenivs - 10-23-2009

The Netherlands
info {a}
Currently we have Ceasarian Legionairys, early batavians, COH II BAT, flavian legionairys, gladiators, crafts, religion, but more to come Big Grin

For the late Roman period we like to work together with our friends from Fectio, which I'm also a member of. I'm sure Robert will list that one soon.

Re: List of Groups - Magnus - 10-23-2009

Legio II AVG, Cohorts VIII and X
Southern Ontario, Canada, and NE USA
(Contact info is on the website)

1st Century and early 2nd Century Legionaries.

Re: List of Groups - Robert Vermaat - 10-23-2009

Quote: I'm sure Robert will list that one soon.
Indeed. Big Grin

FECTIO (Legio Fectienses seniores)
The Netherlands
fectio AT
Fectio portrays military and civilians of the Later Roman empire, roughly located in the northwestern provinces during the 4th century.

Re: List of Groups - QVINTVS ARTORIVS CORVINVS - 10-23-2009

Legio XXI Rapax, Cohort V
New Brunswick, Canada
[email protected]

1st Century and early 2nd Century Legionaries.

Re: List of Groups - Dudicus - 10-24-2009

Legio III Cyrenaica
New England
(Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and, New York)

Flavian period (60-100 AD)

Also includes Coh. I Pannoniorum and Coh. II Nabetea Sagittarii Auxilaries, and Civilians

We are working up a new webpage, currently we have a temp at

we're also on MySpace and on Yahoo

members primarily portray 1st century, but some individual members also have different period kits - Late Republic, Augustan, and Late Empire.

Re: List of Groups - Lessa - 10-24-2009

"Memoriae Milites"
city of Cagliari, Sardinia Island, Italy
Facebook: ... 7056756139
Unofficial Blog (written by Me)

We make Nuragic (VIII-IX Sec. b.C.) Roman Auxilia (Cohors II Sardorum) and Medioeval 14° sec. reenactment.
Contact ME via PM or email, or send a mail to the one show in the main site.

Re: List of Groups - Semisalis Abruna - 10-26-2009

The Batavi
Based in Britannia
The Batavi Late Roman Forum [url:3akvvi7x][/url]

Re-enacting the Batavi iuniores Britanniciani (and associated civilians) in the 4th/5th centuries AD

Re: List of Groups - John Conyard - 10-27-2009

Didn't Jasper put together a list a little while ago?


Specialising in the 4th century Roman army in northern Britain, but reconstructing Roman cavalry from all periods.

Re: List of Groups - rusty myers - 10-29-2009

name/title LEGIO VI FFC
location South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida
website link (if you have one)
relevant contact info (for maybe one member here?) Rusty Myers PH: 843-437-5587 or email [email protected]

Re: List of Groups - P Sertorius Scaevola - 10-30-2009

"[size=150:6dj00mje]Gemina[/size]" or in full 'Gemina Project', Netherlands. Established in 1987 and the eldest Roman group in the Netherlands Big Grin

Primarily Later 1st AD Legionaries, Aquilifer included and civilians. Of note is a recently constructed Lectica, a portable couch. The Mk II actually works!

Always on the move

Re: List of Groups - Centurio - 11-01-2009

Cohors II Mattiacorum Equitata
Moscow, Russia
[email protected]
Auxiliary cohort late I - early II AD, army of Moesia Inferior

Re: List of Groups - Medusa Gladiatrix - 11-01-2009

name/title: LVDVS NEMESIS
location: Germany (north and south-west)
website link:
relevant contact info: contact me via PM or contact form on our website
and anything else you think would be useful in a short list: We represent gladiators of 1st century AD