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Iron Hellenistic Thracian Helmet
Quote: But mainly, I really want that helmet. Have any examples been found in Italy?

A Roman relief from Arles in France - see the thread 'Two Reliefs from Arles' posted on this site by Nathan Ross about six months ago - shows this type of helmet in use.

Fac me cocleario vomere!
I find this helmet very interesting with regards to a Roman Denarius that I found recently dated to 148 BC, this coin has the head of Roma wearing a very similar type without of course cheek plates.
The crest type on the coin is very interesting where it has a one with spikes instead of a plain ridge and not having a macro lens on my camera I have added a copy taken from a book to show more detail.


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Brian Stobbs
Quote:Yes, you definitely need a thureos to go with that helmet. Now I know what I'm going to order from Jeffrey, as soon as he finishes my Chalcidian, that is.

Do you think the thureos was edged in iron or rawhide?
Joe Balmos
All I can say from the pictorial evidence is that they were rimmed. I would guess with bronze or iron for wealthier owners, rawhide for the less prosperous. Armamentaria sells one rimmed with brass. Some may have been rimmed with metal only at top and bottom. I think the latter s how I'll make mine, when I get to it.
Pecunia non olet

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