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Blade Cross Sections and Designs
I am looking for drawings, pictures etc. of cross sections of 1st Century a.d. Roman Mainz, Fulham, Pompeii and Spatha Gladii Swords.

The Mainz and Fulham "replica blades," that I have seen, seem to be thicker in the last four inches towards the point. Is that accurate?

I know that the Gutman Pompeii Gladius has the reinforced tip... But what I am looking for is the proper degree, angles and edges the types of blade would have.

Any help in educateing me would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Patrick,

Afraid that is going to be a proper chore, as Miks usually only offers a single cross section higher up on the blades. Swords (originals) I have seen have distal taper to the tip, the reinforced point being a bit of an exception, but here also you can see the reinforced tip stands proud of the spine of the blade. So I think it is fair to presume a sword would normaly have distal taper, as this greatly improves the balance of the blade. As for "reproductions", well, i do suppose that would very much depend on who made them on basis of what research to be able to take any reproduction at face value.
Salvete et Valete

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Robert P. Wimmers Big Grin
Robert... Do you have any examples of the swords you have made? And I am not sure what you mean by distal taper? I am having a "Duh" moment.

i have some basic drawings which can give you a little information on tapers both profile and distal.

look here and download the blade geometries drawing

Hope this helps

Yep, Jim does great work! All will be made very clear with a look at his drawings. Distal taper is the thinning of the spine of the blade towards the point. Any good large kitchen knife also displays distal taper.
Salvete et Valete

Nil volentibus arduum

Robert P. Wimmers Big Grin
Thank you Jim and Robert... I thought that is what that meant... I greatly appreciate your CAD Drawings, wisdom and insight. Yours too Robert!
Happy to help Patrick. Robert has been a huge source of information for me and extremely helpful.

I still have some changes to make on some of the drawings but am working on a new layout that hopefully will better organise things.

Currently I'm in London working off my phone so replying is a bit awkward and slow lol. Back in Dundee tomorrow night though.

New to the site, but I just wanted to say thank you for this. Been hunting for a little while for good information, and this seems like a good place. Nice work.
Welcome Braden

This is one of the best sites anywhere for information and qualified advice. Some of the guys on here are bloody brilliant. I'm not an expert but am learning constantly.

Patrick some replicas tend to be a bit thick on the blade. The geometry of the blade does vary anthat I would say sets a standard. Each blade I have looked at the angles do differ as there is no one blade that we can say come from the same Fabrica. From a making point of view you need to study the sword you are going to make as some swords have a thick spine nearly right up to the point and others they flatten off, unless it is a renforced point on some Mainz and Pompeiis. Of all the swords Mainz followed by Fullums have the greatest degree of geometrical variation along the blade and again this alters with the varying widths of the blade so you can really can do is a blade by blade study of origonals and as Robert says again the distal taper varies on each sword. If you can receive information of blade sizes you could work out the info you are after. So I hope this helps you a little bit with your study Big Grin
Jim great work with your blade profiles enjoyed looking through them Big Grin
d there is no one blade Regards Brennivs :lol:
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Thanks Tony. I've been doing a lot of site layout changes. Hopefully when I'm finished (if you ever really finish a website) it will be a bit better laid out and more informative.


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