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3-fold hinge mini tutorial
Hi Brandon,

hope the following helps:

[Image: 3FoldHinge_01.jpg]

Sample measures for 3 fold buckles (in millimeters)

[Image: 3FoldHinge_02.jpg]

put in vise and fold to at least 90 degrees

[Image: 3FoldHinge_03.jpg]

use vise to fold piece some more (view from above)
and continued:

[Image: 3FoldHinge_04.jpg]

before folding completely shut, insert wire of 2mm diameter at fold and bend shut

[Image: 3FoldHinge_05.jpg]

don't close the vise too fast so you will be able to push the shut hing down with hammer while at the same time making the hinge-joint more circular. When settled close vise fast and finish rounding. Repaet above process at this spot (-> arrow), leaving a piec of wire in the first joint to avoid accidental squashing.

[Image: 3FoldHinge_06.jpg]

Probably at first sides will not be quite parallel - anneal the piece and finish with the help of vise (view from above) to have all sides parallel, drill hole in the middle and fix with rivet.

If anything is unclear, just ask :-) )

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