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Up coming "How to\'s"
I have a great source for 100% linen thread, she used to make an assortment type package, with different weight threads and a little bees wax cake. It was around 8 or 12 dollars for it. I will dig up the info and add it in. I have alot of extra leather and wool scraps. I might have enough wool left to make one or 2 tunics, be glad to help anyone out. I also have a friend that is a taxidermist, so leather is a pretty cheap item too. Feel free to PM me if you need any extra items, just ask if I have it. Its hard starting up a new hobby or personna, it has been fun going Roman from my 18th Century stuff!

Half the fun is getting to collect new stuff!
Titvs Calidivs Agricola
Wes Olson

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