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HBO Rome-Blog on Legio VI website
Quote:I have mixed emotions on this one, too. Good wrap-up of everything over the last 3 episodes. I did expect a little more action on the finale but the whole series was actually about the 2 friends and their adventures, right ?
All-in-all a very good series and I miss it already.

Yes, the show was about Pullo and Vorenus during the time of Caesar and Antony, so the show could continue on if they chose. They say that this is the last season because of the high costs of filming in Italy, don’t know why they don’t find a cheaper location since most of the back drops aren’t actual but props or movie magic.

Hopefully they’ll get a lot of feedback from the fans, and who knows?
If Deadwood, which had quite more following, was given more seasons then our hopes for more are quite slim.
[Image: ebusitanus35sz.jpg]

To bad the website did not get finished with the last episode Sad
[Image: ebusitanus35sz.jpg]


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