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Leather Cuirass
Quote:Is it another variant example of the armour being one with the man, as seen in sculpture where the armour was simply painted onto the torso, regardless of the material?

I think it is just a concession in realism made by the artist in order to be able to depict the heroic warriors in extremis. Stiff figures are of course not as visually appealing or dramatic as those stretching and reaching widely, and so the artist just fudged the armour a bit to allow it.

He had with him the selfsame rifle you see with him now, all mounted in german silver and the name that he\'d give it set with silver wire under the checkpiece in latin: Et In Arcadia Ego. Common enough for a man to name his gun. His is the first and only ever I seen with an inscription from the classics. - Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian

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