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Ancient Warfare Magazine
Vale Valerivs,

To be able to remove the central "sponsors and adds"-pages is not a bad idea at all, especially not is these adds are grouped in categories. It's often rather difficult to locate an add you know you have seen somewhere in the magazine, didn't need the article or service at the time and put the magazine on the pile. Then comes the day you need it and it takes you ages to find it again Cry digging through a year's collection. Now, you can either leaf through the central section or take them out and store them in a separate folder for easy access.
Salvete et Valete

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Robert P. Wimmers
Archeologie Beleven!
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Quote:I would certainly be interested!!! Will these be monthly issues?

Quote:It will appear 6 times per year.
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:oops: :oops: :oops: sorry!!!
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Uncle Sam just decided to reassign me from Illinois to California. (Just received my orders last week and depart for the west coast in nine days.) I will definitely sign up for a subscription when I get relocated out there at the end of November...

Oh, and it's not the scenic part of California... it's Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert! Smile
Robert Stroud
The New Scriptorium
me is interested!!

keep me informeddddddd!! onegai shimasu......

Bushido wa watashi no shuukyou de gozaru.

Katte Kabuto no O wo shimeyo!

This is just what I was waiting for: a magazine dedicated to the ancient warfare, and with illustrations.
I have initiated a topic (magazine search) to know if such a magazine like this existed, and here it is! Big Grin
Count me in for a subscription.
Jasper, the best of lucks
Best regards
JP Vieira
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I am very interested in writing articles for this. I am a researcher of Hellenistic militaries and I am in the process of publishing a book on this subject. I recently started the website . I have a few questions.

For source images, do you have a lot of knowledge of intellectual property rights? Were I to write an article, I would need to include many relevant images. Would I have to "copy" these images (i.e. make line-art copies of them) or would simply citing the source they came form be alright?

How large would the articles be, and how many images (archeological sources, not illustrations) would you take maximum per article?

How specific or generalized would you want the articles to be?


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Hi Ruben,
I'm happy to answer all of your questions and proposals for articles off-board. Please email me at editor*NOSPAM*

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
I'm looking forward to the first issue. I hope the magazine will be good. Military History, Command, ... magazine I've read in the past were mediocre and full of ads.

I also wish you a successful ancient history magazine!! Big Grin
Tot ziens.
Geert S. (Sol Invicto Comiti)
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Yes folks I am interested in this as well. I have often peered through magazine rack in the hope of finding a magazine dedicated to ancient warfare, and now here it is!! Tongue ) o D
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Hi Jasper,

sounds good. Add me to your list for a start. Please send an ad kit when available, I think you do have the email.


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Hi - just joined this most interesting forum and was delighted to read this. Will you be doing subs via Paypal perhaps? I would certainly want to subscribe.
Paul, military historian, wargamer and battlefield explorer.
Hi ancientgamer,
We will be looking into as many payment methods as possible (and affordable).
BTW Welcome to RAT & please add your real (first) name to your signature. It's board rules.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
Quote:Hi ancientgamer,
We will be looking into as many payment methods as possible (and affordable).
BTW Welcome to RAT & please add your real (first) name to your signature. It's board rules.

Hi - thanks for that and the welcome.

I did add those details after I had a look round the forum but for some reason it doesn't show up on the post above!
Paul, military historian, wargamer and battlefield explorer.
Hmm, please tell me your ideas about the cover pages of your magazine. Thanks,

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