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Registering / contacting an admin
Hi Shane,
It's technically possible if I had the right format flags. I have been a little negligent where it concerns these sub-country level flags however, especially since this feature will probably not carry over to RAT v3 (country flags will).

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
Exellent thanks boy Big Grin
"The Kaiser knows the Munsters,
by the Shamrock on their caps,
And the famous Bengal Tiger, ever ready for a scrap,
And all his big battalions, Prussian Guards and grenadiers,
Fear to face the flashing bayonets of the Munster Fusiliers."

Go Bua

Would it be possible to change my current username from Bactrian to Marcus Petronius?

Best Regards,
Hi Yuri,

i think its possible but our administrator is on a 2-week holiday so i think you'll have to wait for that.
Jeroen Pelgrom
Rules for Posting

I would rather have fire storms of atmospheres than this cruel descent from a thousand years of dreams.

I wondered why he hadnt answerd back my PM's for the last couple of days.

Nevermind, I shall have to wait.
Thanks Jasper- now back on line. All the help on the account much appreciated!!!
[Image: wip2_r1_c1-1-1.jpg] [Image: Comitatuslogo3.jpg]

aka Paul B, moderator
Moderation in all things
You're welcome. Now don't go doing any more of that new-fangled iPad stuff (at least, not before I have one!) :wink:

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine

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