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Roman Political Re-Enactment Modernized
Gratias tibi, Medusa!

I am terribly sorry if I was mistaken to be seen as starting an entity similar to Nova Roma. It's not my intention, nor the intention of the Societas. There's even talk there of contacting Romanophiles in the SCA! If you want to go to dress up for the weekend fun, by all means, we welcome that! As Medusa said, perhaps my Amor for Roma was so strong that I probably came off as some wacko neo-revolutionary who wanted an actual urbs Roma. Not me, amice. Not me.
Hi Chris,
Glad to see that's been worked out. Perhaps you should start a new thread if you want to discuss something more specific with the other members. Might help to soothe ruffled feathers.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine

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