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"Those Revolting Gauls...", November 3-5, 2006
There has been talk about an event this November in Illinois. Rumor has it there is a hillfort. Anyone on the list know anything more than what's in the following anouncement? It seems nobody had had success in getting a response from the original source or the email in the message. Is this really going to happen? There are "barbarians" out there looking for more info!

Quote:Asturum Equitata
invites you to our event:

November 3-5, 2006 -- "Those revolting Gauls..."
Location: Michael, Illinois
This will be a seige event with the Gauls on a high summit and the
Romans attacking from below.
$15 pre-registration fee - $30 after September 15th.
Registration deadline is October 20th.
Roman unit members MUST register as their unit, individuals will be
asigned to units to fill ranks.
A chieftain will be elected on Friday night to command the Gauls.
No restrictions on what you portray, as long as it fits in the 100BC
to 200AD period. Earlier or later period impressions must contact
Gaius Aurelius Scipio for approval before the deadline with photo and
particulars. [email protected]
Roman units will be under the overall command of Scipio. Units will
retain there officers as long as they have a minumum of 10 soldiers
present. Units with less than minumum will work with other units to
obtain minimum numbers.
Roman civilians will work with the group they belong to, and
freelance civilians will report to Roman command.

More information on details of the event will be forthcoming.

Gaius Aurelius Scipio

P.S. There is a $15 registration fee

aka: Jeff Scharp
More on it can be found through this link. Just posted today wouldn't ya know:


aka: Jeff Scharp

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