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"Companion to the Roman Army"
Nope, but my cc has been charged so I expect it any day now.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
Mine arrived a couple of days ago, and it's a monster volume. Some excellent stuff in it as well, after a quick look. I was only charged the £52.
TARBICvS/Jim Bowers
Ordered mine online from Blackwells on Wednesday 28 March, arrived Monday 2 April. 2-ish working days! That was a surprise.

Now to find the time to read it!

Alan Walker

Pudor est nescire sagittas
Statius, Thebaid
Well, as soon as MOT and road tax are out of the way, I am going to order this book! Thanks for the link, Guys! This has definately a better selection of pertinent material than the Military and Aviation Book Club.....
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Titus Flavius Germanus
Batavian Coh I
Byron Angel
My card got charged and since I had all but forgotten my november order I contacted them and they said they were shipping them out on the 26th. Cant wait to have mine Big Grin
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For those of you who have received your copy (and have found the time to at least look through it if not actually read it in detail) --


First Impressions?

Worth The Price?

Is the book more for the Military Historian or the Reenactor or Both?

For those members of "modest means" this book represents a large investment, so the basic question: Is buying this book money will spent?



David Reinke
Burbank CA
My copy arrived just now. Nice looking and (luckily?) the short chapter on the fleets seems to be a fairly standard overview with a silly typo too (69 AD for the Vesuvius...). :wink:
Otherwise, this'll make for useful reading and probably a must have for anyone interested in the history of the Roman army.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
I also got mine today. Seems very nice. So I know what the next thing to read will be.
Jvrjenivs Peregrinvs Magnvs / FEBRVARIVS
A.K.A. Jurjen Draaisma
CORBVLO and Fectio
If it wasn't for this thread I wouldn't have known the thing had been published! Maybe I should contact the publishers and demand my freebie.
Freebee... Confusedhock: :? D

Why you are at it, demand one for me too please! Big Grin


David Reinke
Burbank CA
Mine's arrived (with the big RAT discount) and it is a weighty tome!! Nice thing is that each section/ article is in a length to be read at one sitting.

Really enjoyed Kate Gilliver's article (the first I read) - and reading slowly through the rest. Must mention to Fatalis of the RMRS/ Leg XIIII GMV (and even Mestrius :wink: ) that some centurions were known to be still around and active in their 80s!

In the following article by James Thorne (Battle, Tactics and the Limites in the West) I also liked the idea that Hadrian's Wall was as much a raised patrol line as a wall to stop barbarians.

Any other questions (other than can I photocopy all 574 pages) let me know!


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aka Paul B, moderator
Moderation in all things
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Duane C. Young, M.A.
Quote:Any other questions (other than can I photocopy all 574 pages) let me know!

Darn it Sad
Sulla Felix

AKA Barry Coomber

This is an excellent book, and the discount arranged via RAT is very welcome.

I fear I'm concentrating on the later army first! It struck me that the articles were not that new. Hugh Elton's paper dates from April 2005. It obviously takes a while to get all these papers into print.

I recommend it to all, but it may take me a while to read backwards to the beginning.
John Conyard


A member of Comitatus Late Roman
Reconstruction Group

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In chapter two about the late republic army it goes about saying that the Pugio was an every day use knife with no use in combat. I personally like rather the "emergency" very-close combat alternative when there is not even space to use your gladius.
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