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Nubian mercenary in Ptolemaic army
[Image: NubianWarrior.jpg]
This is figure 104 from Seleucid and Ptolemaic Reformed Armies Volume 2: The Ptolemaic Army by Nick Sekunda
The description of this sculpture is: Nubian cavalryman from fur Kunst und Gewerbe Hangburg( see Donald. M. Bailey, Minerva, May/June 95. Gaulish and Nubian Mercenaries in Ptolemaic Egypt p. 37)
This warrior seams herring a scale or mail armor or is it another type of armor(possible quilted)?.
It is possible that this warrior is herring a captured ,mail or scale, armor , or it is common practice. In this case does any native Ptolemaic troops should also hear it.

Does anyone has the May/June 95. number of Minerva periodical.
Could some one help me with more information on this sculpture?
Any information is highly appreciated.
Andrei Sandu
Interested image gie! I'm not use to see Nubians or Berbers in any type of armors!

I would give you extra karma when time pass, I just give one not long ago!

Cheers! Big Grin
Remarks by Philip on the Athenian Leaders:
Philip said that the Athenians were like the bust of Hermes: all mouth and dick. 
I don't really know...but that looks like a Machemoi (Egyptian Phalanx) costume, so that is possibly quilting....(looking at Total War Ptolemaioi :wink: )
The Hoplite Association
The enemy is less likely to get wind of an advance of cavalry, if the orders for march were passed from mouth to mouth rather than announced by voice of herald, or public notice. Xenophon
Machemi means capable for combat service in Greek.
The Armor is interesting it could be either bronze scales or horn.
The wapon also -the doulbe axe-is worth noting.

Kind regards

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