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As per request of the members, now has a consumer guide. You need to be signed into the main site to write reviews.
Anyways, you asked for it, it's here now! Let's see some reviews![/i]

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
So if I review the 'Trooper Helmet' do I have to buy one first? Damn....

Decisions, decisions....
TARBICvS/Jim Bowers
I actually consciously bought a trooper helmet...

And hacked it to pieces to make a reconstruction of the Batavian 'fur and feathers' helmet found at Krefeld!! Wonderfully therapeutic!!

Rather than buying an expensive helmet, I think it worked quite well(?)

[Image: NewPicture.png]

Fantastic. Falx practice and Batavian helmet. Any more anyone? Or shall we start a thread: '100 uses for a Trooper helm' ?
TARBICvS/Jim Bowers
Use #1

Hasty Chamber Pot when its too cold to leave your tent?

Mike Daniels

Titus Minicius Parthicus

Legio VI FFC.

If not me...who?

If not now...when?
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[size=150:20con5jk]I[/size]t's working!! Go and look -- USE IT!

Had good dealings w/ a vendor? By all means, LET everyone know. Had a "less than wonderful experiece ... well again, this is the place to let your fellow Roman reenactors know.

Wanna review some piece of repro-ed gear, etc. Do it in the ConsumerGuide... Want to rant about a "fourth ridge" on a helmet or just how authentic your new scutum is... guess where you need to go.

And please, happy Kinder, remember... as in life, you will only get out of this what you put in, so go review vendors yourself, go review the items you've bought from them. Until we can get the rules posted on the main ConsumerGuide page, here they are below:

[size=150:20con5jk]ConsumerGuide Rules[/size]

This area will be for people to leave their experiences with vendors and their wares -- both negative AND positive. In this light, we hope this area will be a useful tool for the budding reenactor or collector to find good, honest vendors of Roman items. Remember, 99.99% of vendors are good, honest people whose only wish is for happy customers -- however, in life and business, things happen and there will be problems. Please don't post minor differences in an item... however if you order something and it never arrives or is bad-wrong, or faulty, perhaps then you should post it. Conversely, if you are happy and giddy with an item, by all means, let your fellows know of your good experience with this vendor :-) )

When posting feedback, don't forget to add a rating on the end like:
Quality Rating: [rate it as 1-10]
Authenticity: [rate it as 1-10]
Price Rating: [rate it as 1-10]
Packing and Shipping level: [rate it as 1-10]
Overall Rating: [rate it as 1-10]

Vendor Feedback Reviews are posted *only* after being reviewed by the moderators of this secton. Positive reviews are posted as they are submitted, negative reviews are posted no later than 2 weeks after submission. During this time, the vendor is sent the review in order to provide them ample time to provide us with a rebuttal. After 2 weeks if no rebuttal is received the review is posted. Vendors who do not recall the buyer are encouraged to make contact with them and work out the problem.

If the moderators find that the person leaving the feedback, either did not buy anything from the vendor (and is going on hearsay) or cannot be contacted back, the feedback will not be posted. This means NO reviews posted without a valid email address, etc.
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