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CSC Program
Hi Shiro,<br>
I checked further at the site you mention. These are the features of the YaBB:<br>
On Every Page<br>
Notification of instant messages, greeting, date/time<br>
Navigation menu bar (text or image format)<br>
Forum navigation links (index/category/board/message)<br>
In Forum Index<br>
Stats including: newest member, total members, total posts<br>
Graphical alert of new messages in each board since person last logged on<br>
Date/member of latest posts in each board<br>
Name of board moderators<br>
Ability to mark every post in the forum "as read"<br>
Options not accessible to guests are "hidden" for them<br>
Flat text or javascript fading news, with ubbc enabled<br>
Topic Index<br>
Graphical alert of new posts in each topic since person last logged on<br>
Date/member of latest posts in each topic<br>
Names of the board moderators<br>
'Jump to' box for instant jump to a different board<br>
Ability to mark every post in the board "as read"<br>
Options not accessible to guests are "hidden" for them<br>
Topic Display<br>
No. of reply on each post<br>
Author information, such as # posts, membergroup, IM links<br>
Option to view profile of authors<br>
Ability to quote messages or reply<br>
Date of each post listed<br>
Ability to delete or modify posts<br>
Other Features<br>
Full administration and moderating options<br>
Ability to change/administer on the fly via the web<br>
Full UBBC code in posts, with error-checking galore (enable/disable)<br>
Integrated instant messaging system for member to member<br>
Ability to customize the layout colors and css via a template<br>
Private Boards in which only certain membergroups can access<br>
Login length options<br>
Delete registered members<br>
Full profile options<br>
Email all registered users<br>
'Maintenance Mode' for major board administration<br>
Online help<br>
Ability to move topics<br>
Simple registration form and option to generate random password<br>
Post icons to designate the message type<br>
Turn off smileys in your posts<br>
Admin option to disable the YaBBC (UBBC-like) code<br>
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-- Robert Louis Stevenson
Question is: who pays for Yabb's serverspace? If they become succesfull, traffic will increase and someone has to foot the bill, right?<br>
Jasper <p></p><i></i>

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
The bill always eventually comes to the patrons. Nothing seems to be able to survive now on the web only on ads.<br>
A real professional bulletin board costs about $200 dollars a year though I think. That's 504 Dutch guilders! <p></p><i></i>

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