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Maybe we should add a Book/Good Reads Section?
Not so much a bibliography section, as a book discussion section? Maybe we could even set up reading lists and reading groups. I know I am a neophyte, and am buying many books, but I would love to have a section where I could post and say," I just read this, I thought it was..." or, "should I buy this book?"<br>
Maybe also we could try to get a list of intro books up on say Amazon or one of the other on-line book sellers?<br>
At least a place of reference. I've seen many book recommendations and citations in the messages, but we would each have to go back and search through the threads to find them. I think Jenny or Sander has a list of 'primary' reference books on here, but that ought to be put on the website as well. I like the comment suggestion, rather like the reviewer's message thread Amazon does. <p>Richard<br>
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Richard Campbell
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That seems to be a good idea. Perhaps it would be best to add a section on the discussion board rather than just presenting a canon of approved books. In that way anyone can add their own comments. Preferably messages should be grouped either by title or subject.<br>
Sander van Dorst <p></p><i></i>
There you are, and enjoy!<br>
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