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Fight, damn you!
Quote:Blast!! We are not going to evade the rooftiles after all!!!! :lol:
Kind regards

What's all this "we" stuff, Phokean? Tongue
Quote: What's all this "we" stuff, Phokean? Tongue

In the worst case Themistokles and me. :lol:
In the best a whole enomotia.
Im worried that if you anger the ladies, they will decide to reanact
the Argos street fight!! And they will not listen to my suggestion to renact the Phokians vs Galatians. :twisted:
No territorialistic pride intended here!

Kind regards
There will be TWO Phokeans?! That's good news1

Remind me to tell you about the Lone Ranger...
No, a Phokean and a Spartan. That makes two Doreans at least.
The enomotia depends on the other guys wallets!
Kind regards
Brilliant! Get the Spartan to sign up on the website. Khaire Themistokles!
Khairete, Stefane kai Themistockleis

(I've probably messed up the inflected endings)
They way you go my good friend you will be able to stun you audience with the usage of our beutiful language.
I expect the magazine to be issued tommorow.
Please advise snail-mail poin so I can sent you a copy.
I will try to contact a journalist tommorrow and I will sent an email to a small T.V. station. Who knows Hermes and the Muses might be favourable towards
Kind regards
I think the Festival has so much momentum now, that the media will sit up and take notice. If not, we will have to explore ways of getting their attention....

The work you're doing is of incalculable value, it's like being able to be in two places at once. Thank you so much.

I will be in Watford tomorrow, to demonstrate to Classics students there, and we are expecting the Local Press, but I hope to be able to pull the Nationals. I must start working on that...

I'll send you my snail-mail address.
I discovered today that someone on the Pankration Forum wasn't aware of the First International Ancient Greek Festival and our intention to feature both Pankration and Pyrrhic dancing. Just in case any interested parties around here missed it before, here's the website for the Event, which will take place on the 3rd and 4th of June, this

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