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Does anyone reenact the Parthians?
[size=150:11vl3u4k]I[/size]'ve often wondered if the Parthians are portrayed by anyone?? For such a serious foe of Rome, it seems that someone would be doing this impression. Or... does everyone just do Germanic or British Celt? Be neat to see!
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Parthians involves horses and archery (combined).So that's ánd money, ánd skills, something not for the ordinary re-enactor.
I've seen groups do (multi-period) cavalry, a Hungarian does light horse archery. But combined? Never.
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In the Caucasus. I can't remember which country(could be Georgia), they practice a form of sports which consists in running a course galloping on horseback shooting with a bow at targets along the way. Much like the japanese do, only in the Caucasus the course is not straight but features curves and inclines, and the bow is a composite. Probably the same kind of training the Parthians did.
But nowadays, for that, you need a good trained horse (at least one..), plenty of space and plenty of time to train. And all that means a heck of a lot of monies..
Bjut some people do it.
Some of them are there.. Including an Amazon..

AH!! I found this..
Great movies.
Pascal Sabas

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