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Marching Through History, So Cal. 21-23 Oct
Avete! The annual Marching Through History Exibition in Southern California will be occuring 21-23 October, 2005. Should anyone be in the area and want to attend, here's the info (as the coordinator for all ancient/medieval camps, I wrote this specifically to attending unit leaders, so a lot of it may not apply, but here ya go anyway). Severus.

Greetings! Here's the latest word of the Marching Through History Exibition (MTHE) 2005.

I. Notes From Last Year's Show
Our sector ran well, and the groups cooperated nicely. Trash was kept to a minimum, and modern anachronisms were almost non-existent. Great job to all who participated, let's keep it going strong!

II. Notes On This Year's Show, In No Particular Order
a. The date is 21-23 October, 2005. Set up begins after 12:00 noon on Friday. Tear down is 17:00 Sunday.
b. Prado Dam is in San Bernadino County; see the website for directions.
c. The MTHE website is
d. Security will be provided by the 18th Cavalry Regiment, California Army National Guard.
e. Like last year, there will be hundreds of JROTC cadets and Young Marines present, some assisting with meal prep, trash, etc.
f. All camp firepits must be above ground.
g. We'll have the phone number to the nearest on-call veterinarian by Friday, should one be needed.
h. See if anyone in your unit can help get the word out about the show... Public awareness needs to go up.
i. Two meals will be provided free-of-charge: Saturday night dinner, and Sunday morning brunch. Thank Director Jeff Sharp's AMVETS chapter, this doesn't come cheap! Units are obviously responsible for all other meals.
j. Trash: kep it to a minimum. There'll be several cans nearby, but they fill up quick thanks to the public. There'll be a huge 40' trash bin somewhere by the parking lot, send a detail there periodically if you have to.
k. We'll have several light towers set up around the park, so we should have some visibility at night.
l This year there'll be a huge chain link fence surrounding the event. This is to enhance safety (lotsa kids), keep cars out, and keep in anyone who wants to get drunk, stumble out into the lake, fall down with his pants around his ankles, cause 300 cadets to spend hours finding him, only to have him escape during the night and do it again... not that THAT'S ever gonna happen!
m. Vehicles: need to be completely out of the area by 09:30. Access gates will be locked after that.
n. Prado Dam Navy: this year, there'll be an actual British gunboat, circa 1800s, on the lake, courtesy of Jim Frassett and crew... cool!
o. There'll be an Officer's Call each morning at 09:30 at the arena, in order to pass word and arrange the arena schedule. Arena time is divided into one hour blocks, from 10am to 4pm. Units that reserve time slots have prioity. If no one is using it, it's free game.
p. There'll be a parade each day, exact times TBA.
q. There'll be awards for Best Camp, Most Spirited, etc., which will be presented on Sunday afternoon.

III. Ancient/ Medieval Safety Regs
I had to submit a list of basic safety regulations that our groups would adhere to. Every other time period has them as well, each tailored to their specific weapon systems and related issues. I tried to keep it brief (some modern units have entire pamphlets!), and units are certainly free to add more as they see fit. Please make sure your units are briefed prior to the event.

1. Each participant must have either an individual or a group liability waiver on file with his/her unit leader, the coordinator, and/or the MTHE staff.

2. All fires must be in an above-ground fire pit.

3. Each encampment must keep a fully charged fire extinguisher at hand, and members must know the location of it.

4. All edged weapons shall be kept out of the hands of the public, except during public education classes where the weapon is the subject. At those times, extreme caution and direct supervision should be used when allowing access to any edged weapon.

5. All pole weapons such as pila, spears, javelins, etc., must be carried with the points either straight up or straight down, thus ensuring the safety of the public around them.

6. All battle scenarios in which one-to-one combat, or group combat, is simulated, must be kept within the confines of the demonstration arena.

7. During simulated combat in the arena, the unit must provide at least one member to serve as a safety officer. This person may simultaneously serve as the narrator, a judge, etc., but must not be physically occupied himself in the combat.

8. Horses need to be kept a safe distance from the public at all times, whether involved in a demonstration or tethered/ at rest.

9. Any unit utilizing firearms (muskets, flintlocks, blunderbusses, etc.) must abide by the established safety regulations for the Revolutionary War units when applicable.

10. The unit commander, or his designated senior representative, is ultimately responsible for any safety violations that occur on his watch.

IV. Ancient/ Medieval Sector of MTHE
Our demonstration arena will be marked off with stakes and rope this year, courtesy of Steve Leon's Gentlemen Adventurers. I still ordered 10 haybales as target markers... we probably wont need that many, so sound off if your camp needs a haybale for something. We had to replace last year's haybale perimenter because they were too hard to dispose of afterward.

Our area has moved a bit to the east, and has been enlarged to welcome Terry Sebolt's Leather Guild and Craig Kortkamp's German mercenaries (welcome aboard to you both, BTW!). And Brethern of the Coast, if they attend this year. We'll still be basically arranged around are central arena where all the weapons/mock combat/horse maneuvers take place. Our area now includes the area known as "the Glen" as well. While I attempted to arange units chronologically last year, the size of each unit, whether or not it had horses, and when it showed up to the event all played a greater role in determining each camp's exact location. So...

V. Feedback Please!
I need to know how approximately how many people your group plans on bringing, as well as any horses and/or heavy weapon systems (cannon, ballista, tribuchet, etc) so that I can finalize the map (remember to hit Reply, not Reply All). There's still plenty of room for everyone. Individual sectors will be marked off by the time you arrive. If anyone needs to find me, I'll be with the Legion VI Roman encampment.

Call me with questions, (818) 752-2268, or email [email protected] . Thanks,

Gil Whitley,
Coordinator, Ancient/Medieval Camps

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