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Friselii Gauls
Does anyone know much about the Friselii of Roman occupied gaul. All I have been able to come up with is that they may have used a strawberry plant as there trible badge.
AKA: Gary

"Don\'t worry about my life, I can look after it. When I let it go, It will be because I have no further use for it."

-Gaius Julius Caesar, "The Grass Crown"

I may be asking the obvious, but have you
"googled" for them? I just did and other than
the strawberry plant emblem I found a couple
of sites about Scottish clans Fraser which they
say is believed to descend from them. They mention
Roman Gaul and have pretty good info.
The site is
Hope this helps Smile
(ps. Spelling might be friselli)
Andy Booker

Gaivs Antonivs Satvrninvs

Andronikos of Athens

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