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"Pattern welded Roman sword"
Saw this on ebay- your thoughts? ... %3AIT&rd=1
[Image: wip2_r1_c1-1-1.jpg] [Image: Comitatuslogo3.jpg]

aka Paul B, moderator
Moderation in all things
It looks more like a sub-Roman design (I saw something like it in the Natl Museum in Dublin a couple years ago), or one of the later semispathae. Not really what '2nd century' conjures up. But the metal seems nice. Does anyone know if the originals are pattern-welded?

edit: duh, that's what he calls it (memo to self: read the text and not just look at the pretty pictures). Evidently the seller knows what he is doing.
Der Kessel ist voll Bärks!

Volker Bach
If this is a true pattern welded blade, then £200 is very cheap indeed.

It is an unusual pattern, but yes in my opinion a 2nd/3rd century re-enactor could use it. If it is truly a pattern welded blade, I would be very proud to own such a blade.

Check out the guys other items for sale, a Gaesum and a republican (Smihel Type 3) barbed pilum shaft.


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