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Curio, Herald, Announcer
Hello all

I am still trying to track down the correct term for the person announcing the fights, gladiators or events which took place in the arena. There is a belief that they seem to have existed.

In a 3rd Century mosaic in Tunisia dedicated to the Bestiarii group Telegenii, there is an inscription. One of these is proclaimed by the Curio: My Lords, in order that the Telegnii should have what they deserve from your favour for the leopard, give them five hundred denarii.

It appears that the person talking is talking to the editor, one Magerius. However he may also be addressing the crowd as it seems the Romans tended to refer to the men in a crowd with My Lords, rather than the modern, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Anyhoo, is it likely that the Curio is the correct name for the Herald/announcer?

The above info has come from p16, Emperors and Gladiators by Thomas Wiedemann.

All the best
I know 'praeco' for an announcer, but I can't remember any specific reference to the amphitheater. Maybe 'curio' is specific to gladiatorial fights?
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HI there

Do you remember what context Preaco was used in?
Magistrates had praecones to announce their actions to the public. There were also praecones in the city of Rome - I'm not sure who employed them, but I think they were of a public service collegium, like the scribae - to announce all manner of important things. The word was also used to describe privately employed or owned announcers working for auctioneers or traders.

I can try and look up sources if you want.
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