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"Tiaraartigen" Helmes
Can anyone suggest a good English translation of the word ("Tiaraartigen") Dintsis uses in his Hellenistische Helme for what look like Phrygian-type helmets? All I can come up with is "good/pretty crown"...
Dan Diffendale
Ph.D. candidate, University of Michigan
Isn't it more like "tiara/crownlike", shaped like a crown or tiara.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
Based on you translation Jasper the "Phrygian" helmet comes to mind.
The only reconstraction I recall is the horseman on Osprey "The Greek-Persian Wars"
Kind regards
As has been said, "Tiaraartig" means, literally, like a tiara. This is very specific; it means the type of crown/royal headgear which is semi-circular and rises from a simple band of metal at the sides to a highly-decorated, bejewelled arch at the front, once worn by Persian men of royal blood and now very popular among aristocratic women in Europe.

A helmet that could be considered "Tiaraartig" would then be like those shown in old artworks on Roman themes, with a plate like a visor, rising to an arc in the centre of the forehead section. Such helemets were worn by officers in old "Roman" films like "Ben-Hur", "The Fall of the Roman Empire", "King of Kings" etc., etc..
I have seen the "Fall of the Roman Empire". Did you mean the helmet tha the actor playing the Armenian husband of Sofia Loren is wearing?
Kind regards
Wasn't that Cairo Fred? (Omar Sharif). I meant the Roman officers, the blond hero of the tale and his enemy. (Can't remember either of their names, now!)
I think the blond hero was Sir Alec Guiness.
I am not sure about Cairo fred but I recall the Tiara -like helnet he was wearing.
No, no! Alec Guinness played the old Emperor. I'm talking about his favourite commander, the one to whom he willed the Imperium. But to return to the helmets, they are the type that was considered classically Roman and used, in many variations in umpteen films, as well as British Victorian art. If the "tiarartig" helmets refered to are not these, then they could be like the one worn by the leader of the Friesian pirates inthe film, "The Warlord". (I'm not really as big a film buff as I sound...)
I've now selected an avatar which shows the type of helmet to which I have been referring; the brow-band is like a tiara. Is this what was meant?
Paul I am afraid the the avatar is not showing.

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