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Kicking Roman Butt
Who kicked Roman butt the most ?

The Cimbri & Tutones ?

Hannibal ?

A N Other ?

I suspect that this will be mostly pre-Maurian :wink:
Conal Moran

Do or do not, there is no try!
I'd say the Parthians / Persians kicked the most butt. They didn't ravage Italy itself, but the Romans sure didn't fair too well whenever they invaded the east. Despite all their defeats and questionable successes, the Romans just wouldn't stop throwing their armies into that unfavorable desert terrain.
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Robert Vermaat
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Other Romans and Roman trained Barbarians. Big Grin
Caius Fabius Maior
Charles Foxtrot
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Quote:Other Romans and Roman trained Barbarians. Big Grin

I think I will agree but to my knowledge if you count determintaion and number of successes the Parthians surpass the non Romans.
Usually everybody else managed at times to wreck terrible havoc but Roman
stubborness prevailed in the end.
I agree on those Parthians - though I still think that in part their successes may have been due to the nature of the terrain they were fighting in. They were used to it and the Romans were not... Having worked in NE Syria it definitely is not the sort of climate us central Europeans are used to.... :twisted:
Christoph Rummel
I dont suppose there is a league table of who won the most battles against the Romans ?
Conal Moran

Do or do not, there is no try!
we could try and set one up... but it might take a bit of time!!!! :wink:
Christoph Rummel
I have something on the Celts which was supplied by someone on RAT. If I can find it :?
Conal Moran

Do or do not, there is no try!
That was me. And it took me about half an hour to fish it out of the depths... :roll:
Here it goes:

Rome Vs the Gauls: the score before the gallic wars.

This is a list of all the known battles fought between Gauls and Romans prior to Caesar's conquest. I picked it up in a book by Jean Louis Brunaux et Bernard Lambot, the two leading archeologists in the field of gallic studies in France.
The book is called "Guerre et armement chez les Gaulois". For the celtic reenactors there, there are numerous line drawings of different patterns of scabbards as well as shields, spears, belt hooks and chains etc..
The casualties figures are those given by the ancient sources and are to be taken with some suspicion.
All dates are BC, of course.

391 - Clusium. Siege and battle. Senones called by Etruscans against the Romans. The Senones win.

390 - Allia. Battle. Senones against Romans. The Romans break and run.

390 - Rome. Siege. The Senones burn part of the city before wandering away, maybe seeking employment in an hellenic kingdom. Legend of the capitoline geese. "Vae Victis" episode.

361 - Anio. Battle. Gauls against Romans. The Gauls lose. Legend of Manlius Torquatus.

350 - Monte Albano. Siege of the Gallic camp. The besieged Gauls are defetated.

349 - Pomptinum. Battle. Gauls Vs. Romans. The Romans win. Legend of Valerius Corvinus.

295 - Sentinum. Battle. Gauls and Samnites Vs. Romans. Devotio of Decius. 66.000 Romans, 1.000 gallic chariots. The gallo-samnites lose with 25.000 casualties.

284 - Aretium. Siege and battle. Senones Vs. Romans. The Senones win.

283 - Lake Vadimon. Gauls and Etruscans Vs. Romans. The Romans win and begin colonization of the Senone country.

225 - Fesules. Battle. Insubres and Gaesates Vs. Romans. The Gauls win. 6.000 roman casualties.

225 - Telamon. Battle. Insubres, Boii, Gaesates Vs. Romans. Double envelopment by the Romans. Chariots on the wings. The Gauls lose. 40.000 casualties.

222 - Clastidium. Battle. Gaesates Vs. Romans. The Gauls lose. Duel between Marcellus and Viridomar. Gallic cavalry and infantry operate together. Fall of Mediolanum. First roman colonies in Insubre country.

218 - Mutina. Siege and ambush. Boii and Insubres Vs. Romans. The Gauls win.

218 - Trebbia. 4.000 Gallic warriors are on Hannibals side. The Carthaginians win.

217 - Lake Trasimene. Battle. 30.000 Carthaginians, 60.000 Boii, Insubres and Ligurians Vs. Romans. The Romans are wiped out. 15.000 Romans and 6.000 Gallic casualties.

217 - Cannae. Battle. The Gauls figure prominently in the center of Hannibal's army and bear the brunt of the roman's onslaught. Roman defeat. 70.000 casualties. 5.500 on the Carthaginian side, of which 4.000 are Gauls.

216 - Litana Forest. Ambush. 25.000 Romans under the command of Postumius are slaughtered by the Boii who fell trees on the column. Postumius's skull is turned into a drinking cup.

207 - Metaurus. Batle. 60.000 Iberians, Ligurians and Gauls under command of Hasdrubal Vs. Romans. The Romans win. 10.000 casualties on the gallic side, 2.000 on the roman's.

201 - Mutilum. Ambush. Boii surprise two legions and four auxiliary cohorts. 7.000 legionaries killed with their legate Caius Oppius.

200 - Placentia. Fall and sack of the town. 40.000 Boii, Insubres and Ligurians. 4.000 casualties on the gallic side.

200 - Cremona. Siege and battle. Again Insubres, Boii and Ligurians. Gallic defeat. 35.000 casualties ans prisonners. 80 gallic standards taken.

197 - Mincio. Battle. Insubres and Cenomanni Vs. Romans under Cornelius consul. The Cenomans struck a deal with the consul and change sides in the middle of battle. Bad boys. The Insubres are annihilated.

196 - Near Cuomo. Battle. Insubres Vs. Claudius Marcellus. Roman victory. 40.000 casualties. Cuomo is taken as well as 28 other fortified positions.

195 - Near the previous battlefield. Boii Vs. Valerius Flaccus. Roman victory. 8.000 casualties.

194 - Near Mediolanum. Battle. Boii and Insubres Vs. Valerius Flaccus. Roman victory. 10.000 casualties.

194 - Near Placentia. Battle. Boii vs. Sempronius consul. Seem to have been a draw. 11.000 gallic and 5.000 roman casualties.

193 - Near Mutina. Ambush and battle . Boii Vs. Cornelius Merula. Uncertain. A cohort of veterans is slaughtered by the Gauls. Near absence of gallic cavalry.

154 - Antibes and Nice. Siege. Ligurians, Oxybes and Deceates Vs. greek colonies of Antipolis (Antibes) and Nikaia (Nice) defended by Romans. Roman victory. The country is put under the watch of Marseille, another greek colony allied to Rome.

124/122 - Campaigns among the Salyans and the Voconcians. Fall of the oppidum at Entremont. First alliance of the Romans with the Aeduans while the Salyans and Voconcians get help from the Allobroges and Arvernians.

122 - Near Vindalium. Battle. Allobroges Vs. Domitius Ahenobarbus. Roman victory. 20.000 gallic casualties.

121 - Junction of the Rhône and Isère rivers. Allobroges, Arvernians and Rutenians (200.000 total) Vs. 40.000 Romans, Massaliotes and Aeduans. Bituit, the Arvernian king, rides a silver gilded chariot. The Romans bring elephants. Gallic disaster. 120.000 casualties. Peace with the Arvernians and creation of the roman Provincia in southern Gaul.

109 - Rhône river. Battle. Cimbri, Teutones and Helvetians Vs. Romans under Silanus. The Romans are wiped out.

107 - Geneva. Battle. Romans under L. Cassius Vs. Tigurini. Roman defeat

106 - Tolosa. Sack of the city. Tectosages Vs. Servilius Caepio. Roman victory. Ugly rumours circulate according to which Caepio kept all the gold of Tolosa for himself.

105 - Arausio. Battle. Cimbres and Ambrones Vs. Manlius. Roman defeat. 80.000 casualties.

102 - Aquae Sextiae. Marius defeats Ambrones and Teutones. 10.000 dead or prisoners.

101 - Vercelli. Battle. Cimbres and Tigurini Vs. Marius and Catulus. The Gallic cavalry performs a dangerous envelopment. Roman victory and great slaughter of warriors as well as their families. At the end the women fought as well.

Number of casualties between 100.000 and 120.000

58/51 - Julius Caesar. Gallia Capta Est...
Pascal Sabas
58/51 - Julius Caesar. Gallia Capta Est...

Except that little village. :lol:
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I very much like that Cimbri & Teutones are mentioned as Celts, not as Germans!
Robert Vermaat
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(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
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I have read once or twice that they may have had a little German blood in them ...but then I have read that about the tribes of northern Gaul too :?

I suppose people think " tall blond, warlike = German "
Conal Moran

Do or do not, there is no try!
Most history book I have read mention Cimbri as Germans.
Usually they talk about Cimbri and Teutones.
Can anybody inform me what are the latest info about their origins.
Were they Celts Germans or both?
Kind regards
The Cimbri and Teutones were regarded as germanics by the romans, at least when Tacitus wrote Germania. He mentioned the area of North Germany/Denmark as the homes of these tribes. But it is possible that, when Caesar used the expression germani for a people , different from the celts, that the Invasions some 50 years before were seen in a different light.
I think that the crowds of peoples were not that homogene anymore when they met the romans, they already ploughed through modern Southern Germany, Austria and France for a couple of years. (" Hey guys, you want to join us? We´re on the road to nowhere, come on inside...!")

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