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What type of gladiator?
What do you folks think of this?
What type does he belong?
Johnny Shumate
Probably an equites. He wore a tunic, a visored helmet with no crest, side feathers, and no leg armor.
Pecunia non olet
Is that a dagger in his left hand?
Johnny Shumate
As an Equites it is unlikly to be a dagger as they had little round shields.
Conal Moran

Do or do not, there is no try!
Hi there

At a guess I would suggest/agree that it is a equites. Tradiationally they seem to have worn tunics, carried small shields and swords. Perhaps the 'stump' of the left hand is all that the manufacturer could be bothered to produce as it was originally hidden behind a shield?

That being said though, occasionally other gladiator types such as the murmillo and thracian are very rarely depicted with tunics. However, the lack of greaves, apparent crest and tunic in this case would seem to point towards a equites.

Nice miniature though.

All the best


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