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I need help with researching Scythian equipment and tactics
A book that I'm currently writing called Surge features an enemy faction called the Degenerates that are heavily inspired by the Scythians (Indo-Iranian horse nomads that ruled the Eurasian Steppe and Central Asia from the 9th century BC to the 1st century CE) and consists mostly of humans that have been parasitized by a small worm-like endoparasite that has evolved solely to parasitize and radically alter the entire physiology of a wide variety of organisms from the phylum Chordata.

I've taken it upon myself to write up an in-depth compilation of the equipment and tactics that were used by the Scythians and their Central Asia cousins, the Sakâ and Indo-Scythians (complete with an extensive bibliography listing all of my sources). And after countless days and nights of intense research, I've finally finished it and the last thing we need to do is to print it.

I plan on using this document as a reference of sorts when I write Surge, especially when penning scenes that feature the Degenerates. I really need someone to look over this document and please let me know if you spot any research errors, so I can update it.

Comments and suggestions for improvement are also welcome.
I don't know squat about gaming, but read your presentation. Not sure the scales were attached to "linothorax," more likely to flexible leather. The other type of armor was lamellar, actually the oldest, and each piece of iron overlapped the preceding one, the whole affair linked together by a continuous length of woven sinew or hemp, or just rawhide lacing.

Never heard of, or have seen, archaeological examples of any akinakes at "4.4 feet" long. Not in the Scythian era. Maybe up to 80cm but that would be it. Swords over 40 inches arrived through the Han Chinese, but they were used by Sarmatians and Alans, so later than Scythian. Big Grin
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