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Best Website for Reenactment Gear
Hi guys!

I just wanted to get some recommendations for good websites to buy armor, shields, clothing etc.
Hopefully to find a good balance of stuff that is solid quality, affordable and authentic looking.

Any help is appreciated!

Start Here:

Then, go here:

Also, get a copy of Bishop & Coulston’s “Roman Military Equipment”; Graham Sumner’s “Roman Military Dress”, for starters.
If you’re into Lorica Segmentata, Bishop’s “Lorica Segmentata” I and II monographs are necessary.
Avoid works by Dando-Collins, unless you want to spend hours of attempting to cross-reference his “sources”. Fun historical fiction, that’s about it. (IMHO)
Also, avoid Museum Replicas. Their Roman (and Greek) offerings are utter trash.

Also also, get an account with, you’ll have access to hundreds of Academic journals and some Archaeological surveys and monographs. Scribd is another good source, as is of course JSTOR.

Unfortunately, Armamentaria UK closed their online store very recently. They were one of the best sources around, as they looked to offer the right kind of gear. Kult of Athena is one of many vendors for Deepeeka gear, it just takes some effort to sift through their offerings and avoid the cheapo/bad gear. Although the “good” thing with Roman replica gear that isn’t as good as others is that you can modify, alter, replace some of the bad/wrong parts, since of course all of this stuff was made by hand by the Romans, so, it’s not going to be machined-perfect.

Good luck.
Andy Volpe
"Build a time machine, it would make this [hobby] a lot easier."
Legion III Cyrenaica ~ New England U.S.
Higgins Armory Museum 1931-2013 (worked there 2001-2013)
(Collection moved to Worcester Art Museum)
Andy makes a good-- and Important-- point about the Museum Replicas sales site. What "museum replicas?" This stuff is make-it-up-as-you-go Total Junk! Also, yes, join where you will find scholarly PDFs on Roman (or barbarian) culture and their military. Good luck!
Alan J. Campbell

member of Legio III Cyrenaica and the Uncouth Barbarians

Author of:
The Demon's Door Bolt (2011)
Forging the Blade (2012)

"It's good to be king. Even when you're dead!"
             Old Yuezhi/Pazyrk proverb
I Specialize in 1st Century Roman Swords and Scabbards. I hand make every component here in my shop, in the USA. I have made swords for Museums, Archeologists, Historians, Reenactors and Private Collectors.

I also make Scabbards. I Do Reprousse Work, Etchings, Engravings, Cutaways, Tinning and am not able to do castings in Brass, Bronze Silver and Gold.

I can make as historically accurate work as far as my research materials and shills will take me and am always increasing in both. I make Customized and Personalized pieces and "Inspired By" works as well.

Although I do not currently have a website, you can look up many of my works on my FaceBook Page, where I have Swords, Scabbards, Coins and Carvings. There are videos and a few tutorials as well. Feel free to check it out at: Master Carver and Maritime Artist Patrick B. Pointer or click on this link:

I am also able to make and carve just about anything from wood. Need an Aquila? Or a Legion or Cohort Insignia carved and Gold Leafed? I am also able to do that type of work. Look me up... I am here to serve you.

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