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Names. Especially Belgae, Gaulish and Pictish personal names?

I have been looking for lists of historic, or even plausible, 1st century AD Belgae, Gaulish, Germanic and Pictish personal names. Meanings too if possible.

I have a few lists of Brythonic names, and varied lists of “Celtic” names, but the Celtic ones in particular are largely weighted towards modern Celtic languages. Still I feel I have a fairly good pool of names for Southern Britons during this era.

Similar lists of place names (villages, rivers, landmarks etc) and general language words would be awesome.

Can anyone help with lists, resources, books, or individuals I should talk to?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


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There are a lot of personal names in the Thesaurus Linguae Gallicae by Pierre-Henri Billy. I don't think the hardback French edition is still available: it's the one I have. The Latin edition is selling on Amazon at a HIGH price. The Gallic thesaurus was written in the mid-90s. Smile
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Many thanks Alan. Boy you weren’t kidding about a high price! Eek! Not available in google books either.

I should mention the CPNRB Celtic Personal Names of Roman Britain and a useful page on name construction in Gaulish. Julius Caesar’s commentaries on the Gallic wars gives context to a few historic Belgae and Gauls
I faintly remember a Victorian monograph by W.J. Watson on ''The Celtic Place-Names of Scotland'' in my father's collection of books, and I believe he picked it up very cheap iin the late eighties or early nineties but it may only deal with Gaelic and not with Brythonic and Pictish place names. Tempus fugit, and our memories go with it!
Patrick J. Gray

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(01-27-2018, 06:01 AM)John Moxey Wrote: 1st century AD Belgae, Gaulish, Germanic and Pictish personal names.

Pictish names would be same as British ones in the 1st century (the Picts didn't appear as a defined people until the end of the 3rd century, and Caledonian etc names appear to follow the same 'celtic' patterns as the rest of the island).

For an interesting list of attested and suggested British and Roman-British names from the early centuries AD, you might take a look at the appendices to this site:

The First Thousand Years of British Names Appendices I and II

Appendix III has some later names which follow similar patterns.

It's an SCA project, but if you follow up the suggestions with a bit of additional research you should be able to track down the sources, and the rest of the site has some ideas of name meanings etc.
Nathan Ross

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