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Real Deal Spolas
More painting:

[Image: xHSQPewr.jpg]
The bleached Red Deer rawhide arrived, and it's PERFECT. Thank the gods. Have to clean tonight, back to work tomorrow.
Everything going very well! Pics in an hour and a half or so..
Gotta eat! Post pics before bed.
So, the breastplate is sewn together; red deer rawhide on front, thick elk hide in middle, and a soft goat leather backing.  Heavilyboiled with the stand and poppy and beeswax sealant.  I can barely f!ex it, but it is very light.  It needs the leather edging sewn on now.  I've left the sewing at the sides sparser, as that is where tye scale side sections will be sewn on, too.  I am quite happy with it.  Fits great and beacuse of stitching is convex on outside and concave within.  A pic with the used drawing.  Haven't finished painting the strip yet.

Sorry sideways!

[Image: ZP8CTJO.jpg]

[Image: lpF1jjA.jpg]

[Image: 2jBF3JN.jpg]
[Image: QyAFL]
The facing hide for the yoke is now cut.  I need to cut the inner layer of goat leather, and then sew it together!  It should be springy as in the depictions, and because the two layers are sewn at the edges, the end of the yoke straps should spring up a little bit when fastened --just as in the depiction.  The artist must have had the armour or warrior in front of him when painting this one...

[Image: 4LrgEUq.jpg]
Painting of strip done.  Need to let it dry for few hours before sealing it and cutting it out.

[Image: aPbQpRar.jpg]
Dried fast!  now to sew it on (tomorrow).

[Image: f0szgGm.jpg]
(12-18-2017, 04:57 AM)Feinman Wrote: Dried fast!  now to sew it on (tomorrow).

[Image: f0szgGm.jpg]

Moving slowly on this today, distracted by what is essentially disclosure on US mainstream media.
Sewing it on, drilling through layers, so far so good!

[Image: OoghsjU.jpg]
Band sewn on.  I've left ends untied unti I put edging on.  I should get to that today!  And post pics later.

[Image: wBK2MdM.jpg]
Got busy today, so no new work, but tonight will paint stars on yoke with rabbit glue and pigment. Pics when that is accomplished.
Stars painted on.  Now I can oil and wax the hides, drill holes and sew yoke together.

[Image: GoCjKSE.jpg]

The stars were made by drawing them on a piece of paper, rubbing burnt umber ligmentbon back and using ballpoint over drawing to transfer them on. Then they were painted on with dilute hide glue with red casein mixed in. The hide glue (rabbit) creates an excellent bond with the dry hide.
This project is marvellous, a joy to watch. The painting work excites great admiration but I imagine the hide work is just as skillful. Many thanks indeed for publishing photographs. The gods go with you.

These are my own notes:
The original is Vatican 16571, a type B amphora, 450-445 B.C.E. It is the name-piece or type-piece of the Achilles Painter and depicts the hero and a woman clad in a peplos bearing the libation-instruments (tentatively suggested as Briseis, the prize of Achilles taken by Agamemnon after his own prize, Chryseis, was ransomed by the prayers of her father and a plague sent by Apollo, a slight which is an essential part of the Iliad). Source is exceptionally beautiful.
Patrick J. Gray

'' Now. Close your eyes. It's but a short step to the boat, a short pull across the river.''
''And then?''
''And then, I promise you, you'll dream a different story altogether''

From ''I, Claudius'', by J. Pulman after R. Graves.
Clavdivs, I am SO glad you like it!! It is certainly challenging, and really the whole thing is a big experiment (luckily it is working out so far), and I'm not sure I will be able to prove anything conclusive with it, but I suspect that is how it was made. I'm just happy it is bringing some smiles.

Thank you for the notes about the amphora and artist, much appreciated :-)

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