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Planning my first plywood Republican scutum, advice needed
Hello all,

I'm going to build my first scutum, as soon as I can pry a free day. I have focused on the 2nd Punic War period, which means a Fayum reproduction. I am using 4mm birch plywood but before I proceed, I have some questions for the community (I have looked for answers in the threads, and the pictorial process shown by Leg XIII Gemina is very helpful, but still):

The Fayum shield, from what I managed to gather, is just under 1 cm at the rim, but increases to 1.2 cm in the center. Would you recommend adding an additional 3mm plywood layer sandwiched between the two 4mm layers for the center? It would certainly make it more rigid in the center and the result would be a bit more faithful, but I am worried about the upper layer of 4mm plywood when I bend it in the scutum press.

Once the plywood is finished, I plan to glue canvas(hemp/cotton) on both sides and then I would have the option of searching for 2mm veg-tanned leather or soaking felt with glue (modern glue, I have not the time, nor my fiancé the patience to let me try fish/bone glue). I personally like the leather option more, but it's much more expensive (and in true hastati spirit, the budget is very tight).

I'm looking forward to your replies and advice.
Why not use bending plywood, ask at the store. It can be pressed just by making wet and forms after drying. then you can make several layers and sand it to the shape you want.
aka Jos Cremers
member of CORBVLO
Unfortunately bending plywood like Multiflex is not widely available where I live (That would be Bulgaria). Birch plywood is much easier to find and it's also cheaper. Birch is also a bit stronger and I want a functional shield. As a matter of fact, if I could, I would've made it from strips of linden wood.

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