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Iron/Steel muscle cuirass
So after a small theoretical talk in this subject time has come to show, not final yet, but already nice looking reconstruction.

Tho one, very important question stands and I wonder what's your idea about it. Shoulder flaps.

1. Greek finds clearly show a hinge between front and back part, without anything else.
2. Roman sculpture shows those shoulder flaps for about 95% and in those 95%, over half are shown attached to the front plate.

Therefore my conclusion is that hinge is fixed between backplate and shoulder flaps, which then is tied to the front plate, so when you pull off side pins and untie flaps, you can easly take off front plate without taking it through a head.

But then I wonder about sculptures with those flaps but without any visible way in which they are tied to the front plate. Why artist didn't show it?
There is also possibility that a hinge was fixed between back and front plate (like greek finds) and then shoulder flaps were simply attached "extra" to the higne without any special task.

Any ideas?

[Image: 22291989_1672191836144842_1452945864_n.j...e=59DCAF08]
Next week I should be able to share photos where I wear it Wink

[Image: 22449738_1678663875497638_58054750192438...e=5A7AC306]

[Image: 22467363_1678663775497648_49436244169937...e=5A69A278]
nice work kudos
Very nice!
Virilis / Jyrki Halme
[Image: fectio.png]

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