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Independent Film looking for active Legions
Hi all!

I'm co-directing an independent feature film and have been attempting to get in touch with the leaders of legions to hopefully be a part of the project.
So far I've successfully contacted Legio X Fretensis in Texas and Legio V Alaudae in Tennessee.

Can anyone can advise on the best way to get in contact with Cohors III Praetoria (Arkansas), Legio VIII Augusta (Texas), Cohors III Italica (Oklahoma), Legions XIIII Gemina Martia Victrix (Kentucky) or Legio IX Hispana (Texas)? 
Or know if these groups are still active?

Alternatively, if you're the leader of a legion or an individual re-enactor who would be interested in being a part of the film, just let me know!
We will hopefully be filming in Arkansas & Texas later in the year.

Please, don’t use yellow or blue lenses. Don’t use a digital camera at all. You don’t have that Triple A Hollywood money. So many historical indie movies fail with these practices.

How about for aesthetic  reasons you use a good old analog camera: A Panavision Panaflex Gold. Kurosawa made his movie Ran with this camera, you know.

If you travel the same road, you get the same result…

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