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Hadrian's Cavalry Turma!
I've put a few images up on Flickr if anybody wants to see what happened. More as I sort through them.

In the experiment session we attempted three ranks (most of the performance was in two), the cuneus, and the testudo with varying degrees of success (partly because some of the horses took against the film crew's drone - DJI Phantom for nerds).

Having seen the ragged wheeling on the practice day, it just kept getting better and better!

Whole thing is going to be written up (Maxime Petitjean was busy interviewing the riders for detailed feedback) in JRMES 19 (the cavalry ROMEC volume) to appear in 2018.

Mike Bishop
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Thanks for sharing - I went on Sunday and had an amazing time!
Francis Hagan

The Barcarii
I swear if you could have just gotten that one guy holding the Draco to take his vambrace off this would have been perfect.
A very impressive sight. Thanks for the pictures!
It was certainly very impressive and was glad I attended and grateful to Nigel Mills of Hadrian's Wall Trust, Bill Griffiths, Alan Larsen and to all the many others who helped out on the day and for organising the event.

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Hi all 

Some of my photos in the description of Arrian's Techne Taktike :
"CUNEUS": #1, #2, #3
"CANTABRICOS": #4, #5, #6
"PETRINOS" : #9, #10

A very impressive event !


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Overall impression is good of a turma of cavalry.
Wish I could take part in Things like this, it would have been an experience.
Plod on...I will.
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