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Some Bow related Questions
Hello! I have just rediscovered a bow I got a long time ago, I did a bit of shooting and it was a lot of fun so I am thinking of getting a new proper and more authentic bow now. I would want it to be appropriate for a late Roman impression, so from what I have read on the forums here I think I should look for an assymetrical hunnish recurve bow. Based on the looks I would decide between two bows nows, the Kassai "DEER" or the Grozer "HUNGARIAN BOW BASE". They both look very similar but right now I seem to prefer the Deer ( Would this bow be appropriate? And regarding the optional hornplates at the handle and tips, would this be okay? Or even more authentic? By default there is also a decoration on the leather which I'd guess doesn't fit in this case? Regarding colours, is there a preferable one? I have seen many black leather bows here, but I reckon red should be equally acceptable?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this and I am looking forward to any answers!
They're not really Hunnish bows... the lathes are later than the Hun period.

Go to Grozer's website, check out "Hunnish" and specifically look at the "Hunnish Extra III composite." That's what Sarmatian/Roman/Hunnish bows looked like.

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