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My laminated scutum.
Hello everyone. My name is Sergio Escudero and I shield´s manufacturer in Ars Scutae.
A few days ago I finished my last order, an historical laminated oak scutum.

This is a imperial rectangular scutum with four L-shaped pieces on the front of the shield. Made with 3-milimeters 3-layer oak slats. Coated with linen on both sides and painted with rabbit skin-based paint and natural pigments. Hand-forged iron boss with iron rivets. Edged in brass. Handle in beech.

Height: 107 cm
Width: 69 cm
Deep: 22,5 cm
Weight: 8 kg approx

I attached photos so you can see the result. If you wish to see photos of the construction process, there are pictures in my Facebook. I hope you like it, and if you have questions or need anything, do not hesitate to ask me.

[Image: Kbgxy6g3vnX-LBd9zMmu_hCkmiGv2B0-5Q-7bpWI...14-h920-no] [Image: -GQ2tQhzR2GA-Ua2ORIhDfhvCMNDhVtFDy1otxwV...80-h920-no] [Image: 1KDrsDPjr7WpugwmrPePNMd66FfXw7JG_tjEwgst...14-h920-no]

[Image: MALM4Fe5v8HVAJnQZA13uJR3u8HzE5oVWOBFb5XQ...81-h920-no] [Image: IXvnXFkf0-vmEpdNNHgi6KKONI0FLOet0XhN9Lcy...80-h920-no]

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