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Roman axe
I want to know what roman axes looked like and any instances of roman troops using them in combat.
We do have evidence for Roman axes. It's commonly believed the Francisca evolved out of the Late Roman Securis: we can see this in the typology of Axeheads over the course of finds from the 4th-late 5th centuries, where by the end of the 5th century the "S-" shaped Francisca has developed.

I'm sure someone can provide more information on this than I can.
During a few battles during the Principate Roman milites are said to have used their dolabra in combat. The dolabra was a common ax/pick tool, not intended for combat.
What period are you wanting to know about? A lot of things changed beyond recognition over the seven hundred or so years there was what we might think of as a 'Roman army'.

If you want to know about the late empire though, which seems to be when axes came into widespread use as weapons by the Romans, here is a Dominate period sculpture from Gamzigrad dating to some time in the first half of the fourth century AD. As you can see, the helmeted infantryman carries a spear, but the mounted man in the pillbox hat carries a clearly depicted single headed axe over his shoulder.

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Thanks guys, also I did mean late roman axes from the late 4th century to the mid 6th century. In hindsight I should've put that in the description from the start.

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