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Play on Mummy Wrap
I had heard somewhere that Greek and Roman papyrus was used to wrap mummies, but apparently enough of one play to recreate it! That's a lot of mummies to tear up.<br>
Cyprus's national theater company, Thoc, plans a modern-day world premiere of Aeschylus's Trojan War story Achilles in Cyprus next summer. The play will then be performed in Cyprus and Greece.<br>
Scholars had believed the trilogy to be lost forever when the Library of Alexandria burned to ashes in 48 BC.<br>
"But in the last decades archaeologists found mummies in Egypt which were stuffed with papyrus, containing excerpts of the original plays of Aeschylus," Thoc director Andy Bargilly told Reuters.<br>
Drawing on references to the trilogy by other ancient playwrights and the recently discovered papyrus texts, Thoc and researchers believe they have the closest possible adaptation of Aeschylus's masterpiece. <p>Legio XX<br>
Caupona Asellinae</p><i></i>
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
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