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Republican belt end
Hello all,

I have recently made a Republican belt out of 4.5mm veg tan to hang my hispaniensis from but am unsure about how to end the belt. I've had a search on here and have seen Aurificina Treverica's interpretations but haven’t seen any evidence of how they terminate. The Altar of Domitius Ahenobarbus and the Pydna relief frustratingly don't show anything re this. I have seen the famous Minucius Lorarius relief where the belt splits off into several smaller straps and wraps around itself but I am conscious that this is late 1stC BC. Is this the beginnings of the later apron development and therefore a quintessentially extremely late republican style or was this how earlier republican belts ended too?

Any help much appreciated!
Pericles of Rhodes (AKA George)

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