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Deepeeka Lorica Segmentata types
I see Deepeeka do three sets of segmentata, Corbridge A, Corbridge B, and then a more generic set, which some dealers seem to list as just "Corbridge".  The generic set looks like Corb. A, but out of interest, does anyone know if there is a difference? Many thanks.
Well, the names are originally introduced by Russel-Robinson in His 1975 work on Roman armour.

In the mean time there is some work done on lorica segmentata, most importantly by Mike Bishop and Dr. Thomas. These volumes got the name 'Lorica segmentata' and contain loads of the info you're looking for. They are even published online for free by mike bishop:
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Hi jvrjenivs, many thanks for your prompt reply. I looked at the website, and the book will be on the wish list, I just wondered if there is a generic Corbridge type distinct from A and B? I assumed "Corbridge" was a general type divided into lettered subsets but happy to be corrected. I intend to order a set of A soon, but the "Corbridge" unlettered set looks the same and I wondered if I would be able to tell the difference up close.
No - two types of Corbridge segmentata have been identified - 'A' and 'B'. The is also a possible 'C' variant. The 'generic' Corbridge lorica on Deepeeka's site is an 'A'. In the 'A' variant the upper sections are joined to the girdle plates with straps and buckles. In the 'B' variant the upper sections are joined to the girdle plates by hooks.

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Many thanks Crispvs, that what I assumed, but was confused by the two identical types. The set I ordered arrived today, so I'm sitting here with very oily hands having just put it together, but am forbidden to play with it until Christmas.

Regards, Duncan

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