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Beginning of Chaos. The revolt of Vindex.
Beginning of Chaos. The revolt of Vindex. Etnocultural camp near Khotkovo town, Moscow region. 30-31.07.2016.
Living-History event.
Joint event of the ancient societies of Moscow and St. Petersburg (Leg VI Fer, Leg X Fret, Leg XI).
Everyday life. Construction of the camp wall element. Marsh of military detachment in full gear (about 10 km). Formations drill. Martial interaction. Tournament "spear and shield".
Special guests - Greek reenactors of society Anabasis.

[Image: kQVrskYgC3I.jpg]

[Image: 23uNXk44fVo.jpg]

[Image: 1id-T3YNSVY.jpg]

[Image: fDHPv9Nfk00.jpg]

[Image: J23px5f-mCM.jpg]

[Image: 2lwMriEIqwY.jpg]

[Image: nwkiBM5lAXQ.jpg]

Very little video (marsh starting)  Smile

It was a good time Smile

[Image: ZRAw46Umqdw.jpg]
Ergo bibamus!
Nikolai aka Manius Potator

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