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The Late Roman Army, by Gabrielle Esposito, Art by Giuseppe - a Review
(07-14-2016, 04:39 PM)ValentinianVictrix Wrote: I saw that Graham, I thought it a tad unfair as generally artists are commissioned to create pieces based on what the author tells them what they want.

And to be honest this is also an issue. People draw their views of the Roman army from these artists, who often are given inadequate information or representations of the Late Roman army to work with. That's how we end up with things like the godawful depictions of ridge helmets in the Chalons Osprey book, or the Colonge Spatha on a 5th Century soldier.
(07-25-2016, 01:41 PM)Flavivs Aetivs Wrote: or the Colonge Spatha on a 5th Century soldier.

This is fairly common in real life as well...mixing 3rd c. bog finds (especially openwork balteus-ornaments), with 4th c. belts, just to top it with a 5th c. helmet.
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Back on topic, what I don't get is why they printed this on what basically amounts to tracing paper (looking at some images of the book), lol.
Amazon US reviewers are either novices, ignorant or sock puppets and the probably piqued illustrator seems to think there's too much focus on the negative: Buy it now! (Late Roman Army)
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