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"The Hidden Soul" Roman fiction on Kindle

First, thank you to everyone who replied to my thread about basic Roman army questions last month! That research helped me to complete the first in a three-part novella series, "The Hidden Soul".

I was given permission to post this in reviews, so if you're interested, here's the synopsis and the link:

“The iron scales of the breastplate clattered together as he pulled it over his shoulders.

A sound he would hate until his dying day.”

The worst day of Marcus' life was the day his father enlisted him in the Roman legions. Five years later, his commanders have big plans for his career, but Marcus fears becoming a Centurion. He has a soul, his friend, Justus, says. When he loses that soul, he will finally accept his fate as a soldier.

When he is assigned to an execution, Marcus must face his soul in a way he never has before. He wants to believe that he will become the hardened officer his father once was, but when he encounters a strange man claiming to be the Son of God, his soul is stirred once more, and he sets out to find answers.

From the rocky hill called Golgotha, to a mysteriously empty tomb, and a hidden group of disciples in Jerusalem, the days that follow will change his life forever.
Reagan Colbert

"Whatsoever ye do, do unto the glory of God"

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