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Greek Hoplite Spear
Does anyone know where I can buy a high quality Greek Hoplite Spear (Dory)?
Connor DeLoach
Few companies that I know of sell readymade spears; usually they expect you to buy the parts and assemble them yourself.  Manning Imperial of Australia sells several spearheads and sauroters; I believe they have a good reputation, and they're certainly, er, high-end.  For the low-end market, Kult of Athena's small spear head has received some recommendation.  MRL has recently introduced a javelin head that looks acceptable, although I think the KoA spearhead has a better shape. and it's cheaper -- only drawback would be if you don't like a split socket.

I don't know of anyone who sells a decent lower-price sauroter.  Deepeeka markets one, but it's only sold alongside a big heavy bronze spearhead.

I'm currently mounting a spearhead (not a Greek one) and I've found that about eight ounces/227g is the heaviest weight for a spearhead that seems feasible.  That's partly my less-than-impressive arm strength, but I do believe that the majority of originals were lighter and smaller than most modern mass-produced ones.

It's been recommended to me that one commission a local blacksmith you can work with, in order to get a product that is both unique and meets your specifications.
Dan D'Silva

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