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Militia units
Next to the regular armed forces of long serving troops there is regular mention of irregular forces, some evidently scratch units composed for an emergency, others apparently of a more permanent nature. Some of these appear to have been taken up as regular auxiliary formations in the professional army, but nevertheless some type of militia organisation appears to have remained in place in parts of the empire.<br>
Though I know of some publications that have some material on these units, eg Saddington's works on the auxilia, is anyone aware of publications that treat them more in depth apart from these listed below?<br>
Sander van Dorst<br>
Birley, E., 'Local Militias in the Roman Empire' in: <i> The Roman Army: Papers 1929-1986</i> (Amsterdam, 1988), 387-94.<br>
MacMullen, R., <i> Soldier and civilian in the Later Roman Empire</i> (Cambridge Mass. 1963).<br>
Speidel, M.P. 'The Police Officer, a Hero. An Inscribed Relief from near Ephesos', in: <i> Roman army studies II</i> (Stuttgart 1992), 190-191. <p></p><i></i>
Well if you can find any of these books i would be impressed but here goes.<br>
"The military indebtness of Anchient Rome to Eturia" published in Rome 1917<br>
Studies in Roman History (London 1906-09)<br>
Les Armes Romaines (Paris 1926)<br>
Handbuch der romischen Altertumer (2nd edition Lepzig 1884)<br>
Geschichte der Kriegskunst vol.1 2nd edition (Berlin 1907)<br>
These books have very usefull information to the men who can find them and translate them also. Recent books about the auxilla?? I have no idea.. <p></p><i></i>

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