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Show here your Roman soldier impression

Perhaps I am out of line for asking, or maybe against some rule..., but I was wondering if some of the members who have posted pictures in the past (years ago) would be willing to re-post some of their pictures? I am 100 pages into this thread and I have only seen a couple of the pictures people have posted. For the most part the newer posts show the pictures, but even that can be hit or miss. I'm not trying to be rude, I am just very interested in seeing other peoples impressions.

On another note, I have learned that photobucket is not my friend...
Mike S.
Michael it has worked on you, I use it as a ice breaker when sometimes the public don't know what to ask. Being a Dacian Auxillary it explains my sword well, but since I have rank now I still use it for thar purpose and it works great with kids  Smile
Kevin your lucky 12 months since seeing Fronto, we will have to suffer his terrible puns for the rest of the campaigning  season  Dodgy Confused otherwise he is very well.
Regards Brennivs  Big Grin
Woe Ye The Vanquished
                     Brennvs 390 BC
When you have all this why do you envy our mud huts
Centvrio Brennivs COH I Dacorivm (Roma Antiqvia)
From Explorations 2017 in LaGrange:

[Image: hDcrB0d.jpg]
[Image: WgVJAma.jpg]
[Image: Rn8CjfZ.jpg]
[Image: K8ORLnT.jpg]
[Image: jJXNGo1.jpg]
[Image: HZPfDdN.jpg]
[Image: LoAJNKy.jpg]
[Image: zNLUEuI.jpg]
[Image: cxsZf0a.jpg]
[Image: T8PyQ19.jpg]
[Image: L2u4oWl.jpg]
[Image: N6pSdSU.jpg]

Me doing Principate:
[Image: vpIs9Dv.jpg]

And Late Roman:
[Image: BheLmvd.jpg]
[Image: CEsQBuC.jpg]
Getting better and better Evan.
Robert Vermaat
FECTIO Late Romans
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
[Image: artgroepbutton.jpg]
I'm going to redo my Pteryges into Scalloping actually (probably will just totally re-do the edging), and instead have a set made worn on a separate belt like Legio XXI Rapax does. They seem to have figured out how it was done.

But currently next step is a Type-6 Fibula and a Thorocomachus. Hope to have both by November.
Evan, I've been meaning to ask you about your helmet, details?
Joe Balmos
It's the DSC Intercisa-IV, I got it for free and then me and another guy in the legion reassembled it after punching holes in and stitching a leather edging onto it.

Basically it's an Intercisa-IV helmet, not much more to say than that. The decoration on it is based off other contemporary helmets and helmet fragments.

This image has a close-up (not me):
As a legionary vexillarius in Abusina (Eining) on 13th August

I know the vexillum looks a bit shabby, but it is still the one from 2004 and 2008, maybe I'll pimp it a little in the next months :-)

If you look closely, you can see gay dolphins with rocket engines on my parma. I copied them from a mosaic in the Gaziantep museum of archaeology. The two figures left and right of the shield boss are Sol and Luna.

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Florian Himmler (not related!)
From Archeon Roman Festival, Netherlands, 2017.
 Slightly different to include a Lady, trying not to laugh.
 Pic courtesy of Hans Splinter.

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Nice impressions!
From this weekend:

[Image: 1KdDO3z.jpg]

[Image: BdfPBep.jpg]

[Image: b2eVOwX.jpg]

[Image: M6W3tAR.jpg]

[Image: vgNRRT5.jpg]

[Image: nz38DVp.jpg]

[Image: Fcj5fX6.jpg]

[Image: pn1eZF8.jpg]
Taken in March,

Please disregard the socks, I realise they are modern but it was during a training exercise and my needlebound socks 
[Image: kWxMudN.jpg]
Photo taken last weekend during a training event of our group.

[Image: 2pLC1oz.jpg]

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