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Show here your Roman soldier impression
As a legionary vexillarius in Abusina (Eining) on 13th August

I know the vexillum looks a bit shabby, but it is still the one from 2004 and 2008, maybe I'll pimp it a little in the next months :-)

If you look closely, you can see gay dolphins with rocket engines on my parma. I copied them from a mosaic in the Gaziantep museum of archaeology. The two figures left and right of the shield boss are Sol and Luna.

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Florian Himmler (not related!)
From Archeon Roman Festival, Netherlands, 2017.
 Slightly different to include a Lady, trying not to laugh.
 Pic courtesy of Hans Splinter.

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Nice impressions!
From this weekend:

[Image: 1KdDO3z.jpg]

[Image: BdfPBep.jpg]

[Image: b2eVOwX.jpg]

[Image: M6W3tAR.jpg]

[Image: vgNRRT5.jpg]

[Image: nz38DVp.jpg]

[Image: Fcj5fX6.jpg]

[Image: pn1eZF8.jpg]
Taken in March,

Please disregard the socks, I realise they are modern but it was during a training exercise and my needlebound socks 
[Image: kWxMudN.jpg]
Photo taken last weekend during a training event of our group.

[Image: 2pLC1oz.jpg]
Salve Everyone!

After 18 months of hard work, way to much money spend and a few angry girlfriends we can finally say it is starting to look like someting.
We are trying to recreate a late 1st century AD auxilia unit from the lands between the Rhine and Meuse river, modern day Holland. Tacitus described them as the Cananefates.

''Although less in numbers, they are just as brave and skilled as the Batavians''.

All of our members are also from the region where this tribe originated from. I will post a few pictures, please let me know what you guys think! Any suggestions or critics are more then welcome[Image: smile.png].

You can follow our instagram account if you want, we are called Germania_Inferior.


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Marc Beermann

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