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TV Celts
UK TV channels seem to be having some sort of Celt-fest to correspond with the British Museum exhibition;
Matt Russell is doing some work with the BM and his impression is top (even if he is a lowly Briton) :wink: .
Moi Watson

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There is a short sequence included which has been shot in my workshop showing a friend and me making a Mindelheim-type sword Smile
Als Mensch zu dumm, als Schwein zu kleine Ohren...

Jürgen Graßler
With total disrespect to the Celts....I love watching Alice Roberts.
Glad I got that out.......lets move on swiftly....Smile
Quote:With total disrespect to the Celts....I love watching Alice Roberts.
Of course the whole thing is a pr affair for the exhibition in London. Yes, I do like Neil and Alice presenting this sort of thing, but.. having dsaid that, I was not impressed with the content of the documentary so far. Sad
Robert Vermaat
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At least it showed Hallstatt. Most mention it without discussing what was going on there. However, for any serious discussion on the Celts at Hallstatt, one needs to discuss whether there was continuity or replacement of the bronze age salt miners, the dark green areas by the (celtic) iron age salt miners in the red area.

We know that that Hallstatt salt mines suffered collapse due to a massive landslide which resulted in the smaller La Tene workings on another part of the mountain, but, what was the relationship between the bronze age and iron age? Same people or new people?

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Harry Amphlett

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