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Linen Focale Question

I'm making a linen under tunic / light weight "summer" tunic and I have a decent amount of fabric left over - perfect size for a focale! The piece I'm using is all "cut edge" with no selvedge, so it's going to fray like crazy. Should I hem it all around to try and stave that off? Or would having the frayed edges be more historical? I'm thinking if focale were made from "left over" bits of cloth, that would seem to be likely. Any thoughts?


Where we have pictures of scarves being worn, they seem to be quite long and wide, not really a product of using leftover fabric...
Kis György Márk (by western standards, György Márk Kis)

Legio Leonum Valentiniani
my "scrap" (maybe not the best word....) is pretty long. Maybe 18" wide by 48" long (thats 45cm x 120cm).Should be more than enough for a decent sized scarf I would think.

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