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Quilted armor? Helmets?
It seems to me that soldiers with body armour but no helmet are not so uncommon, from the Achaemenid Empire to some periods of Chinese history (see Albert Dien's articles) to 18th century India where most cavalry had quilted coats but only some wore quilted helmets.

(08-27-2015, 03:11 AM)Ptolemy Euergetes Wrote: I agree that it is occasionally seen. But during the Hellenistic era? In Egypt? Every other Unit in the game matches up, mostly, to what I've seen and read about them. Just don't get why they would go out and make up something for this specific one. Hopefully there is some evidence out there I'm just not seeing!
I don't know that game, but in the previous one the Ptolemaic one was modelled after that of New Kingdom Egypt a thousand years earlier. It had bronze weapons, chariot archers, and quilted armour and helmets copied from New Kingdom Egyptian reliefs of soldiers (or probably from Osprey illustrations of sketches of those reliefs). Why not depict the real Ptolemaic army? You would have to ask someone at the studio, but based on interviews with people who have helped to research films and computer games, I would guess that someone thought it would be cooler or less confusing to show what 'everyone knows' ancient Egyptian soldiers were like instead of another Macedonianized army.
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